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School Counselor

Staying in the"Groove" With These Tips

1. Make a plan for after-school activities. Schedule adequate
xxtime for homework, play, clubs, sports and practice.
2. Scale back TV time.
3. Establish a family reading time.
4. Reestablish bed times for school nights.

"Red Ribbon Recipe for Success"

1. Name of recipe (activity): You Can Succeed in School

2. Number of servings (How many students can participate?): Willing participants/ all

3. Ingredients (materials needed): School supplies, study skills, and organization skills.

4. Preparation time (preparing the activity): Using a chart, write down how long you think it will take you to do xxeach activity (spelling, math, and language).

5. Then later write down how long it really took. Do this for three days to see if you can improve your estimates.

6. Directions (Describe how activity will work.): Make a schedule of all the things you are going to do this xxweek. First, fill in the time that you are in school, having meals, or sleeping. Put in all your activities, such xxas sports, music lessons, tutoring sessions, doing chores, etc. then see where homework fits in.
xxClean up and storage (discussion ideas about activity). Does this activity help you with organizing time forxyour homework? Does this activity help you with organizing your time in general?

Ways to Make an Appointment

1. Parental Request
2. Teacher Request
3. Administration Request
4. Student Request

Take a look below at the forms used by
students and teachers at to make an appointment.
Parents can simply call Mrs. Kelley
at (985) 674-4440 to request appointments.

Student Referral Form

Counselor's Appointment Slip
Given to Student

Each request is placed in the counselor's mailbox. The counselor sets an appointment for the students and places the appointment slip in the homeroom teacher's mailbox. The homeroom teacher then give the appointment slip to the student.

Lake Harbor Middle School

(Student to Counselor)

I would like to talk to you about




Name ______________________________________

Date _______________________________________

Teacher ____________________________________

Lake Harbor Middle School
Student Counseling Appointment Slip

Teacher ________________________________

To ____________________________________

Our meeting has been set for:

__________________ at __________________

I am looking forward to seeing you and hope that this is a good time for you. If you are unavailable at this time, please return this slip with a note to your teacher.

Your Counselor,


White - Counselor xxxxxr xxxxx Yellow-Teacher xxxxxxxxxx Pink-Student

Teacher Referral Form

Lake Harbor Middle School

To: Counselor:

From: (Teacher) _________________________________________________________________

Re: (Student's Name) _____________________________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________________________________

I am referring the above-named student for the reason(s) checked below.

xxxxxxx_____ self-concept XXXXXXXXXXXX _____ fighting XXXXXXXXXXXX _____ test grades
xxxxxxx_____ peer-relationsXXXXXxXxxx XXX _____ bullyingXXXXXXXXXXX x _____ inattentiveness
xxxxxxx_____ family concernsXXXXXXXxXXx _____ depressedXXXXXXXXxXXx _____ class work
xxxxxxx_____ absencesXXXXXXXXXXXXXX _____ shynessXXXXXXXXXX xX _____ homework

Other Concerns: _________________________________________________________________