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The purpose for encouraging students to complete long term projects such as the social studies fair project is to give students the opportunity to research problems or explore a topic in a systematic scientific way. Another benefit of such a project is that they also require students to integrate and apply the skills they have learned in language arts, math, and social studies. Furthermore, such projects allow students the opportunity to express their curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity. The fact that competition is involved in the school fairs should not overshadow the basic reason for the project. The primary goal is student learning.

Social Studies Fair
Parent Information Night

Important Dates

School-wide Science & Social Studies January 13, 2017

LHMS Expo Fair January 2017

School Social Studies & Science Fair
Ceremony Friday, January 2017

Regional Social Studies Fair February 2017 in Hammond, LA

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Guidelines for Parental Involvement

Long term projects such as the social studies fair project requires parental involvement. To help parents and students understand how much and what type of parental help is permitted, the following guidelines have been adopted:

1. Parents may type project backboard information and report from the child's handwritten final draft.

2. Parents can proofread a student's work, but corrections should be made by the child.

3. Computer generated graphs are not required and do not necessarily improve a student's chance of winning. They are permitted. However, the student must be involved in the process. Parents may guide students through the use of difficult computer programs. Students should make the final decisions about the graph type.

4. Artwork should be the work of the child.

5. The parent may assist the child in creating a visually appealing backboard. For example: help with measuring, cutting, pasting, hot gluing, and placement.

6. Topic selection should reflect the interests of the child.

7. Research, design, and implementation of experimental procedure should be completed by the student. The parent's role is to provide the resources and direction necessary.

8. The parent's role is to reinforce project guidelines established by the teacher.