The Talents Arts Program (TAP) serves students in grades K-12 who meet the criteria for eligibility as established by the Louisiana Department of education. Talent is defined as possession of demonstrated abilities that give evidence of high performance in the visual arts. Students demonstrating exceptional ability in the visual arts are served through the Talented Arts Program.
xxx Students in the Talented Arts Program have an extreme desire for the knowledge and are committed to learning and growing through the arts. Most of the students have plans to make art a part of their adult lives either professionally or through community involvement.

Characteristics of the Talented Art Student

The following behavior is generally characteristic of the talented student and may be useful in identification:

exceptional ability in art

intense appreciation of art

sensitivity, intuitiveness, responding emotionally to people, events, and art forms

highly creative thanking and vivid imagination

ability to demonstrate feelings and emotions through the arts

ability to view and express things from unusual perspective

self-motivation and intense power of concentration, feels driven to work on task until it is completed

capability of working productively alone or in small groups with a minimum of guidance from the teacher

every perceptive of the feelings and talents of others

highly critical of his/her own work but can learn to accept strengths and weaknesses as an artist

ability to think on his/her feet and improvise with commonplace materials

energetic or impulsive, he/she may become "turned off" if not given the time and freedom to express

sets high and sometimes unrealistic standards for self and with those who are in contact.

How do students qualify to be in the Talented Program?

A teacher or parent requests that a student be screened

A portfolio of 14 works of art (originals):
-may include 1-3 pieces of sculpture
-include a variety of media (pencil, pastel, charcoal, ink, paint, etc.)
-include a variety of subject matter (still life, figure, landscape) works from subject matter imagination, graphic design, fantasy scenes or expressions of feelings

After the permission slip is signed by a parent, a handout, Student Preparation for Screening, is given to parents.

A talented referral packet is required of teacher.

The SBLC designee contacts TAP to scheduled screening.

At screening, students will be given a drawing assignment - all necessary materials will be provided and portfolio will be reviewed.

Evaluations will be conducted three times a year (the last screening in December) and parents will be contacted if the students needs to go on to the state evaluations (held in Covington and/or Slidell).

Parents must provide transportation for their child and are encouraged to remain at the evaluation site for the duration of the state evaluations.