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Programs / Activities

Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activites

Below are the programs and activities Lake Harbor offers to its students. We highly encourage all to participate! 

Student Council:

At the beginning of the school year, students in every classroom in each grade nominate a class representative. These representatives act as the go-between person for their class members and the student council. These representatives meet with their grade level sponsors several times throughout the school year. They also serve in different capacities, such as guides for new students and during the tours for third graders.

All of the representatives then run for the Schoolwide Student Council. Each grade level meets separately where each candidate gives a brief speech indicating how he or she would best represent their grade level. These candidates may place posters in the hall the week before the speeches and may pass out "buttons" saying "Vote for Me." Once the speeches have been made, every student is given a ballot on which to select two candidates. The ballots are tallied, and the two students are each grade level with the highest number of votes become the six members of the Student Council.

The Student Council meets with administration throughout the year to discuss matters of concern and interest. They also become the representatives of LHMS at any functions outside the school where they might be needed.

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Yearly Events!